The HTML Content widget is an area for you to put any sort of text you wish to display on your website, along with supplementary images and links to files.

This is the HTML Content widget Editor page:

It acts like any other document creator, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, with fonts, bolding, italicising, underlining, and changable text color. The non-standard outlined choices are:

  1.  This inserts a horizontal line as text to help separate information, like the line just below "We start up soon!"
  2. This allows you to insert the name of a pdf file that is linked to the file itself
  3. This allows you to create a hyperlink on any text that when clicked on will bring you to a website of your choosing
  4. This allows you to insert an image into your text field
  5. This allows you to create a table on your website

A finished HTML Content widget may look like this:

If you have any more questions, you can submit a ticket or call the help desk at (919)-460-1628