Menu Items are the labels for the Web Pages. When looking at the front page of a website, the menu headers can be found under the Menu Headers in the page header.

When you enter the Website Designer, the first page you will be brough to is the Menu & Content Editor. The Menu editor portion is found on the left side of the page, and it looks like this:

The outined button is the button used to create a new menu item. Once you've pressed this button, while having the header you wish to put the header under selected, the menu editing column will change to look like this:

In the textbox, you will replace "Title here..." with your menu item title.

If you choose "Do NOT show menu item on website.", than the title will appear marked through and that menu item will not be displayed on the website. This could be useful for building a page before adding it to the website.

If you choose "Signin required to see menu item.", than the menu header will appear red, and that menu item will only be visible to golfers that are in your system and have logged in. This could be useful if you have information your golfers may need but you don't want any prospective golfers or random site visitors to have.

Click save to add the new Menu Item to your page. You can have up to 10 menu items per meanu header.

If you have any more questions, you can submit a ticket or call the help desk at (919)-460-1628