Widgets are the building blocks for each of your web pages. When you create a new page, it will look like this:

On the website this appears as an all white page, with your chosen webpage name in place of "About Us". In order to put content on this page, you must use widgets. To add a widget to the page, click the Plus button next to "Add Widget". It will pull up this menu:

For an explanation of these widgets, go to our web designer help page. For explanation purposes, we're going to insert an HTML Content widget. Once you've inserted the widget the page wil look like this:

From this point, you can add widgets either to the right or below the current widget. The maximum number of widgets you can have side by side is three. On the computer they will appear side by side, while on phone they will be arranged vertically.

If there is enough content in a widget, the full widget will not be displayed on the editing page, but it will all be present on the webpage.

Each of the widgets have a little header with four buttons:

  1. Editing menu: This can be used to move a widget, access the widgets editing menu, or delete the widget
    There are six options that you can choose, which can be grouped into 3 catogories
    1. Edit: This button will take you to this widgets editing menu. For an explanation of each widget, visit here
    2. Movement: These four buttons can be used to rearrange the widgets on the webpage; moving the widget up, down, left, or right
    3. Delete: This button will delete the chosen widget. It will ask for confirmation before completed to protect against mis-clicks
  2. Widget settings: Can be used to edit the widget's appearance on the page

    There are 3 different actions in the widget editing menu
    1. Header text: This action allows you to insert small headers above your widgets, with a specific title
    2. Border: This action places a thin border around your widget that matches the theme color of your website
    3. Gradient: This action places a faint gradient of color that matches the theme color of your website behind your widget to provide contrast with the rest of the page

      To add any of these options, click on the checkbox next to the option. When all three options are selected, the widget will look something like this:

      Here you can see the header with the title of "Documents", the thin green border, and the faint green background color that provides contrast with the white page behind it.

  3. Shrink: Is used to decrease the size of the widget. If the widget you are editing is beside another widget, that widget will increase in size
  4. Expand: Is used to increase the size of the widget. If the widget you are editing is beside another widget, that widget will decrease in size

If you have any more questions, you can submit a ticket or call the help desk at (919)-460-1628