The "System Administrator" is the only administrator who can add, edit and delete other administrators. It is common for the duties in a golf groups to change occasionally. When this happens, your group may want to assign a new person as the System Administrator. The current System Administrator or someone who has the current System Administrator's login information will have to make this change. Here are the steps to change from the current System Administrator to the new System Administrator:

  1. Go to your group's website and sign in as the System Administrator.
  2. Click on the "Administer" button and select the "Account" icon.

    Figure 1

  3. Click on "Administrators."

    Figure 2
  4. Click on the System Administrator's name.

    Figure 3
  5. Remove information of current System Administrator.

    Figure 4: Current System Administrator's information

    Figure 5: Current System Administrator's information cleared
  6. Input new System Administrator's information. Enter a temporary password. The new System Administrator can change it if s/he wants to do so.
  7. Provide the new System Administrator with her/his login information. Login information = email address and password.
  8. If necessary, instruct new System Administrator how to go to your group's website and sign in.